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60 to 90 minutes

What you need if you feel lost and you want to build a guide. This session fits you if you are an entrepreneur or a brand and you need help but you still don’t know in which area. you will have a general diagnosis to have a better panorama of your brand status and we will build together a work plan during the session that will help you to take the right decisions for your brand and solve the problems that your brand may have.

120 minutes aprox

What you need if you don't have a brand identity yet: This session is an interview to discover your brand qualities in order to identify the main aspects to harness the power of it for your social media. After the section you will receive a guide with the parameters of your brand personality such as aesthetic, visual, voice and brand personality to use it as a guideline for an external assertive communication.



What you need if you don’t want to be ¨basic¨ After understanding your brand DNA I will give you a pack of custom-made creative ideas to keep your audience engaged, adding value and share the message of your brand’s purpose in different and dynamic ways.


What you need if you don’t have time to create cool content. You will get a pack of photos, templates, captions & stories for your brand ready to post.

¨Just Baked¨ Content creation



What you need if you:
want to be creative ✔
want to be productive ✔
want to be a social media manager ✔

Let me share with you the know-how of a creative, productive and aesthetic universe could be in 1:1 format or groups.

Are you ready to grow your personal brand online?

Using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn? I can show you how to create your communication strategy to build your reputation as an expert in your field. Building a strong online reputation for your brand requires a solid plan of action.

1. Personal Brand exploration
2. Define your target groups & how you talk to them
3. Create a content marketing strategy unique to your personal brand